A note for others who might want to fit original saddlebags. Mine went on a week ago and in the process I learned two things worth passing on.

1.  If you don't put them on right, they may be prone to coming off.  Make sure the metal clips are properly seated over the spools.

2.  The plastic tightening levers inside the bags are really tight.  The small pin that sits inside the plastic lever to pull it all together is much stronger than the plastic lever.  First attempt I bent two of the plastic levers.  Then I read that a couple of people had set them up off the bike first, tightening them up off the spools, then fitted them.  This made a big difference for me.

Good news is I now have terrific saddle bags on my Scout.  Already filled them a few times for trips and shopping.

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Great looking bags. Thanks for sharing your tips for an easier install. 
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The international forum has several stories of people discovering that one clip has worked loose while riding. I have aftermarket bags with a different fitment, but the OEM ones do seem to require extra care every time you fit them. Knowing my clumsiness it's probably good I got a different system. [smile]
Cheers, Kim.

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