I had to post this. Someone has spent a lot of money making this pretty bike.

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That's got a lot of extra stuff on...
  • Full header + pipes
  • Big Wheels
  • Custom paint
  • Windshield
  • is black seats on RM custom job?
  • Most amazingly comes with centre stand!   [wink]
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Love it[thumb]
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now that belong in the pool room,, I would be to frightened to ride that damn thing as I would then have to spend 6hr's detailing it again.
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Overdone for me. It is too much bling.
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thumbs down for me I am afraid, whilst I like a good custom, this is a tad gaudy (IMHO).  Interesting paint job though all the same, I admire it for the amount of effort the artist has gone to to get a different paint job.
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Lots of work gone into it, the end result is spectacular,  but for me the Roadmaster is all about covering ground. Eating up the miles. You really wouldn't want to cross the Nullarbor on that. I've only washed mine twice in 18 months [smile] Its all about the riding....

Finally a Scout [smile]
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I'm with DarkScout needs to be on show in the Cave or Shows I don't have that much time to sit and detail it, but it does catch the eye for sure 
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It would be a nightmare to keep it looking pretty.

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