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Congrats BigTone, she's a beauty!!  Looking forward to your thoughts/feedback on the Challenger versus the RM.
Cheers, Peter

Perth W.A.

2018 Roadmaster
IMRG # 101978
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Thanks for all the kind words blokes.  Just got back from 400 kms ride.  Very stable and a pleasure to ride so far.
All the other riders thought she looked better in the flesh that in  pics.  I tend to agree.  Looking forward to many more kms 
St. Kilda  Victoria
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Previous Ride: 2015 Roadmaster
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Mark R
Congrats Big Tone, awesome looking love the matt black.
Love to hear some feedback when you get some km under your belt.
Waiting for Brisan  to ring to arrange a test ride.

Mark R 
Central Coast NSW
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Huge congrats. 


aka - John
2017 Springfield - grey / burgundy
Northern Beaches - Sydney
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Tony wanted DarkW but it was already taken

Disney confirm they're bringing back Darkwing Duck!
Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
Rides a Springfield Dark Horse
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