HI all... I'll be emailing all registerd riders also today But just dealing with some critical things with my work at the moment ... In the meantime here is the annoucement..
Thanks so much everyone. appreciate your patience and understanding
I'll be back in touch soon xxx



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Hey CK,  

That's really, really sad.
As you so eloquently put it, there are a lot of others out there that are doing it tough and will be in a whole lot of worse shape than we are at the moment. 
That doesn't detract from the fact that you have put a whole lot of effort in coordinating and coercing (maybe the wrong word but the best I could do when referring to the "hearding of cats".  all parties to come together in one place at one time.  What were the odds of something like this stopping it - who would have thought.
I am sure that everyone understands the situation and applaud you for not only going down this path in the first instance (which is a mammoth effort in itself) but now having to unravel all of the plans that have been made.

Let's hope for a (relatively) quick recovery from this disaster so that we can all return to our "normal" lives.  I am confident that whilst this is a setback of huge proportions, this initiative will be able to recover and be the success that it deserves to be (albeit in a time slot still to be determined).
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