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I was pleasantly surprised - no -  blown away by QBE Motorcycle insurance. All my enquiries were handled by the one friendly, knowledgeable and professional staff member - Nicole.  There was no problem getting my claim approved.  I got a new for old which was fantastic. Though not worth having an accident - my experience with QBE was actually very pleasant - almost pleasurable.

QBE has my full and total recommendation. And I am not even getting paid to say so.

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Good to see.

aka - John
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Just my 2 cents worth.  I wouldn't touch QBE for all the tea in China.

I was insured with QBE several years ago when I wrote off my Victory CCT in St. George QLD.  I walked away with a few bruises and torn ligaments.  The bike was taken to a holding yard in Brisbane while the paperwork for the write off went through.  All I wanted the QBE fool that I was dealing with was to contact the yard and remove my personal plates and send them to me.  After many calls to this idiot at QBE I gave up.  I found the yard and phoned them.  The manager there said ‘No problem, I’ll go out now and remove the plate.  Give me your address and I’ll post it to you”.  I gave him my address and a couple of days the plate arrived in the mail.


There was no reason what so ever for QBE not return my personal rego plate to me.


If they couldn’t do a simple thing like return a rego plate from a write off then what else could they not do or stuff up.



Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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