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Daniel Rocha
Hey guys, Gonna try the Dart Marlin screens too. Will be back with the review.
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tallackn wrote:

Ok, I've decided I need to do something about this wind.  Having a 30km/h headwind while doing 100km/h just makes for a tiresome ride.

But I can't bring myself to put any of the big windshields on that Indian sell for my Scout.

Two questions:

1: Does anyone have the 1901 low fly windshield fitted to their Scout?  Does it help to reduce the wind on your chest (I'm 5'8") at all?

2: Does anyone have any other brand of windshield that will reduce the wind on my chest?

1: I fitted one to a mates scout looks good and reduces the wind off his chest.

2:  https://www.dartflyscreens.com/collections/indian-scout 
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Yeah, I ended up fitting the dart classic with light tint.  Worked like a charm.  🙂


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I had the Marlin Dart flyscreen which was good, I have now gone to a fairing which is even better, it did take a bit of adjustment and windscreen trimming and the addition of lower deflectors to beat the buffeting but it is brilliant now. warf.jpg 
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