I had read of plastic bags blowing up and sticking themselves to hot exhausts but had always thought to myself you would have to be unlucky.

Well it happened to me this last weekend only I was not riding - I had left my bike momentarily to go into a shop and when I came out some plastic had blown across the car park and caught up against my rear wheel and up onto the underside of the hot exhaust.

The melted plastic made a hell of a mess and became hard as a rock as the exhaust cooled. It took me about an hour lying under the bike keeping the exhaust hot while I removed the softened plastic bit by bit with an old credit card - a very laborious job but successful on completion with no damage / scratches to the chrome.

I have read that oven cleaner can be used to remove plastic melted onto exhausts but I was not keen to try it in case it damaged the chrome. Can oven cleaner be used without damaging the chrome exhaust?

Im interested to know if others have experienced this issue and if so how they removed the plastic?
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Oven cleaner is an old stand-by for some things like burnt on fabric from jeans but probably won't dissolve plastic that has stuck on in a thicker layer. Direct heat and careful scraping is the only way I've come across.
Cheers, Kim.

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