I get a lot of people commenting on the saddlebags I put on my Scout. They come from Bibblebar.com, a supplier in Brisbane named Joe Daniels. Here's a pic.

The bags I show here were the end of Joe's shelf stock of a previous line. He now sells what looks like the same design bag but with embossed Indian pattern on the leather instead of his metal Bibblebar eagle.

His bags come in two grades. Tech leather is 'pretend' leather and 'premium' leather is real leather which is, importantly, cut from the outer layer of the hide and not the inferior inner layer. He says you can't tell by looking but the premium is heavier. It also takes more care to keep it looking good after a few years of use. The tech leather needs less maintenance and keeps its appearance better.

These are matched to the the Indian tan leather, have conchos and tassles, and match the retro appearance of the bike. They have a quick release clip underneath the decorative buckle. He also has them in black.

The bags are made of a strong plastic sheet with the leather glued and stitched onto it. The result is a strong shell that does not sag out of shape like those made from only leather. Under the top flap is a lid on the bag that zips from each end. The zip handles meet up and have holes for a small padlock. There are D-rings fore and aft to attach the carry straps that are included.

The back of the bag is not leather covered and is made from a stronger plastic panel. They are fitted to the bike with adjustable brackets that Joe sells for all his bags. The brackets come with spools that replace the fender bolts of the bike. You fit the spools, fit the bracket, and then mark where the bag should be drilled to suit. Each bike is different so they do not come pre-drilled. It's an easy operation for the handyman but positioning the bags to allow suspension movement means it takes a bit of time and patience. I started with the bags too low and they hit the shock spring. So I filled the holes with black mastic and redrilled.

The brackets are marine grade stainless and highly polished. At $200 a pair with bag purchase they seem expensive but they are a better product than similarly priced painted brackets. The brackets are adjustable to fit any bike's spool distance and once bolted to the bags there is no more work to be done.

The brackets lock to the bike with a key and are easy on and off the bike so you can just take them into the motel room with you.

A word of caution to other Scout riders. The rear fender is not parallel along the sides but bows out slightly in the middle. This means when you put the spools on the bike they are pointing slightly apart. The bracket doesn't like this and refuses to play. I removed the spools and ground off about 1mm from one side of the surface that contacts the paint, just enough to make them align. I notched the spools to show the edge I'd ground down. The spools went back on and were parallel with each other and the bracket is happy.

Joe sells a range of bike items and I found him friendly and cheery to deal with. You place the order on the website and he rings you once he's worked out shipping cost.

Here are a bunch of other pics of the bags on the bike from different angles.



saddlebags 05.jpg 

In the following pic you can see how I've ground the spool on one face to make it sit properly for the bike.

Cheers, Kim.

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Thanks for sharing Dr.Shifty.  They look great in person too.  I like the zip lid under the flap lid.  
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Great write up Dr.Shifty. 
Thanks from another Scouter. 
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Had saddlegas with the same SS locking mechanism by the looks of it, mini trunk and flame mirrors from Bibblebar on my Yamaha.   Found that I had to modify or more accurately pay a local engineer to modify the saddlebag mounting as well as the flame mirrors before I could fit them.  So that was a expense I didn't count on.
Even after I had it all fitted the mirror in the frame could not be adjusted sufficiently for my height.  Ended up having to rotate the whole switch gear to be able to see, not ideal.  It was designed for looks and not practically.   Same with the saddlebag, the locking mechanism was so flimsy that it is practically useless and bends just with normal usage.  I can't remember how many time I had to bend the steel back so it would lock.
The material on the bag and mini truck were vinyl and held up really well and was very sturdy. Full mark for that !
Overall, you could tell that the ideas were good but lack of R&D to make it a quality product is the issue for small operator that order stuff from China and need to make money straight away.  
Anyway, that was my experience a few years ago with Biblebar products, i am sure they have improved ...
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Hi 1854cc, I wonder if your fitting problem was the same or different from mine. I spent a week thinking trying to change the brackets to fit until the simple fix suddenly popped into my head - from the tooth fairy or wherever these ideas come from. [smile]

Joe now has brackets for changing the way the docking spools fit on difficult-to-fit bikes. The top slots bolt to the bike, or you mount the left slot and drill a hole in the plate to match and cut away the right slot to neaten it up. If the fender is curved as mine was you just bend the bracket to match. Then the bag mounts to the spools on the bottom which stay parallel.

I've never had a problem with the lock. It's quite robust, so maybe another change there.


He doesn't have mirrors on his site, and I can't remember seeing them when I bought my bags a year ago. Maybe your experience was shared by others and he dropped them.
Cheers, Kim.

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Thanks for taking the time to do a great write up review.

Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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Thanks Dr. Shiftey , It all looks great.
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I have been looking for a top bag for ages for my 2015 Scout to match my Tan leather seats and bags. I found and contacted Joe at Bibblebar and he said he could supply the Minichest to match for my Scout for $300.00 +freight.
I ordered and paid a deposit and was told to expect to get it within 2 weeks. I contacted Joe after waiting 3 1/2 weeks. He said it had been sitting at the shop for over a week. Sorry, l forgot to send it, he explains.
I received it a few days later and fitted it to the rack and sissy bar with what could only be called inferior, skinny straps that could not hold the bag securely and fitted through slots cut out of the bag which proved not to be weatherproof. The colour of the leather was nowhere near a match to the Scout leather.
After one day of use they badly distorted the attachment slots and the bag also started to sag out of shape.
I contacted Joe, he requested photos so he could rectify the problem with his manufacturer. He replied to me that I was expecting too much as they were only leather not steel.
I replied that f or $300 I expected they would have been reinforced so that they would not distort as he claims on his website description and pointed out that they were not weatherproof with the attachment slots and that the leather is not water repellant as would be expected for a motorcycle which at some time in its life, would be ridden in the rain. Not only is it not water repellant they actually absorb water when it gets wet. (See photo)
Joe has never replied to my email and has blatantly ignored my complaint.
I have since modified the attachment method, waterproofed the slots and reinforced the structure to keep its shape. I am now attempting to colourmatch and waterproof the bag.
photo 2.jpg  photo1.jpg  photo3.jpg 
rain damage.jpg
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Are they water marks on the lid, I'm with you Nooscout I'd expect more for my $300, some may say you get what you pay for, well I reckon you should get exactly what is advertised, no If, no buts, no whens, $300 is $300 especially when someone is not strapped with cash.

I really hope you can sort this out does he think that by not answering you you'll just give up and go away, to hell with him and the donkey he rode in on.

It just makes my blood boil when these clown take advantage of people
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