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So I was able to get saddle bags put on my scout. Since I didn’t have the tools, the motor bike mechanic near me was able to do it at a very reasonable price. If anyone is looking for a well priced mechanic on the far north of Brisbane I would recommend giving Birds Bitz at Morayfield a go.
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Looks like a nice neat job - well done Kat.
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Good one, I like the way they look and sit on the bike.  

It is coming together nicely. 

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It does look nice, is that a neat little tank bag I see there also?
Looking good. ðŸ‘
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Yes Croc it is.  

I used the easy brackets from Finn’s and a set of Odin Viking bags. For whatever reason they  look a tad darker than they are in the photo.  

On a side note what brake fluid would people recommend for my scout? In America they have for sale Indian’s own Dot 4 brake fluid but I can not see it on the Australian site. 

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Any reputable brand of brake fluid will do, as long as it's DOT 4.

DOT 3 has a lower boiling point and suits some cars but bike brakes run hotter.
DOT 5.1 is higher again, and is very different from DOT 5.

The main thing to remember with brake fluid is to never mix DOT 5 with anything as it's a totally different formula.
Cheers, Kim.

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