Thunder Scout
Just have a question about coolant levels, just noticed that my scout is running a little hotter than usual, noticeably in the cool of the morning. Just wondering if you can just add coolant as required if it is running low??
what coolant is best??
and have been reading on some sites about purging the air out via bleeder valve?? Is this necessary??
i haven’t checked levels yet but trying to get it all together before I do something stupid
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A slightly low coolant level won't effect the running temps as it's the computer that turns the fan on and off according to internal sensors. It's only a worry if it's way below standard level.

You can add coolant and your user manual should have the instructions. Purging air from the system is only necessary if the level falls very low or if it's being changed for new fluid. The Scout gets an air lock somewhere under the tank and it's this that causes the need for purging.

If you are concerned about the temps, you are mostly feeling the heat from the radiator when the fan turns on, you can scroll the readout to show the coolant temp. I forget what it's on/off settings are but my Scout used to run very hot in summer traffic in the city. It worried me for a bit but didn't worry the motor.

The PVCX or PV3 has a setting where you can lower the temp at which the fan turns on and many people set his up as a standard procedure when flashing a new tune to the bike.
Cheers, Kim.

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