E6464D50-AB6D-4AA1-AFE0-9F55856F5439.jpeg  Hey team,

really vibing the look and sound from what I’ve seen of the Vance and Hines slash cuts but I can’t seem to find any in aus (all got to come from America) the Bassani slash cut is here but it just doesn’t look as nice as the v&h. 

I did find these (pictures) from some cats in Melbourne (hurricane named) though and I really don’t mind the turbo pipe look, has anyone had them fitted on here or got around them? I might have to take one for the team and get them otherwise.

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Hey Mate, I got a set of the Roland Sands Designs on my Bobber 20, sounds really nice but have a similar look to them. Can send a video of the sound if you are keen.
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They're the Naked Racer pipes.
They're a good guys, they actually built 50 Wall of Death bikes for Indian, so you won't have any problems with them.
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I've had Rhinehartz on my scout since new (it was a dealer edition bike & I bought it as is except It had a 1920 seat which
I replaced with the included stock seat for comfort on long runs.  I also have the stock pipes but they sit out more and are
probably quieter).
The pipes sound great & get lots of positive comments from other riders.  Not overly loud but certainly let people know you're there.
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I Had Crusher exhaust on mine pretty loud to the point cops would give me a glare sometimes (long rides ear plugs recommended) but the stage 1 Indian mufflers have a good note & are not too loud for long rides.
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Have brand new stage 1 mufflers for sale.
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