Hi all.. here is a little message i posted on social media this morning..  lets sit tight  make a decsion April 1.. or 2  as it is no april fools joke. :-) 

Not much more I can say or do at the moment.

An emotional message from me.. such a light weight at times !!!!.. but so much going on for me.. like many others and many others are far worse off than me...  

cheers and thanks again for your understanding and patience

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Hang in there CK!  Whatever happens to the Silvo event, your efforts are very much appreciated.  You have done more for the Indian Motorcycle community than anyone I know.  You are a true Ambassador.  Thank you!

P.S. That show bag looks great too!! 👍
Let's be kind to one another.
Melbourne, Victoria
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Aww - I feel like reaching through the screen and giving you a big hug.

I reckon your approach to date has been spot on - measured, thoughtful and compassionate.

I agree 100% with V-Twin - you have been amazing.  

Keep at it, you are doing great.  

aka - John
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Well done Chris you are the squaw of Indian in Australia you have our support 
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