News at hand regarding stall holders.

As a reminder this event is not a bike festival as such.. it was never intended to be that with stalls, show and shines etc. However we did have a couple of people want to set up in Silverton with their business and this was handed to the Silverton trust to determine if this would be OK. eg no impact on local businesses etc.

At this stage we have had 2 people ask and after much discussion it has been decided that the streets of Silverton and the local businesses would NOT have stalls etc. a number of factors impacted, the room, getting permits from RMS and local buisnesses impact and not enough resources to help manage this..

The streets and town will be busy enough with many many Motorbikes and a HUGE Indian takeover [1f642]

The only two set ups you will see there will be Indian Motorcycle Company and the Indian branded stage truck operated by Antique Motorcycle Cafe from Victoria . ( not serving food, but rather may do some presentations and displays on the day TBC)

So if you were a buisness thinking of setting up, Im afraid this is not possible.

It's always been about the gathering of Indian Motorbikes and the parade. Lets keep that focus.



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