Has any found the stock scout handgrips hard to hang onto and they give you cramps and pins and needles? I have just ordered a oversized set from Indian hopefully to fix the problem.
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Many people find the grips a bit narrow on lots of bikes. Another thing to check is how snugly your gloves fit between your fingers, which can block circulation.

Grip Puppies are another option and quite commonly added over standard grips.
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Hi srd

Ive had no problems with my stock Scout handgrips. I find them easy to hang onto and "grippy" enough. Everyone's hands are different tho

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You might want to try various adjustments of the bars.  I found my scout was set up a bit too low (as in the angle) so I moved the bars to where it was comfortable to me.  (you've probably done this anyway, still)  I have changed bars on numerous bikes over the years, often it is the best option.  Whatever is more comfortable for you, my man.
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I have found grip puppies/pussy grips work well.
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Ruby2 wrote:
I have found grip puppies/pussy grips work well.
I had them on my old Triumph Speed Triple.  They worked a treat.  I can recommend them also.
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