Was looking at trying to rig up a swingarm bag to the Scout.
Don't carry enough to necessitate full saddlebags but been thinking about something like this

Any ideas out there if it would be possible?
Potentially could make up a backing plate for it to mount on.
Might get in the way of kickstand but i could live with that.
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Vagabond wrote:
Any ideas out there if it would be possible?
Interesting idea.  I do like the look of those swing arm bags.

However, on a Scout, it might be tricky to make them work. 


On a Harley-Davidson Softail, the swing arm is made up of triangular frames that move up and down together.  Meaning, you have somewhere to mount the bag.

But on a Scout, the swing arms are conventional parallel bar design, so mounting would be tricky.


You mentioned creating a backing plate and that might overcome that hurdle.  In addition, Softail swing arm hides shock absorbers under the frame.  Whereas, Scout has them on either side.  Meaning, your bag would have to clear the left spring which makes the bag stick out a fair bit.  You can't fit the swing arm bag on the right side because of the pipes so it will always be a single bag arrangement.  

So factoring all these... for me, a conventional saddle bags might be preferable... if not Indian brand, a 3rd party bags might work.  Just my opinion.
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Fully understand your comments V-Twin and the differences between the 2 rear ends.
I did manage to find 1 pic of someone who had put on swingarm bag (in their words needed some creative zip tying) does indeed look doable.
Think if i could make a backing plate to mount it on it might make it easier to take on and off as needed. (hhmmmm ponders).
It does look like it may interfere with kickstand though.

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Hey Vaga,

That looks good mate.  It does look like extending the side stand might be a pain but much better than I expected.  👍😀   Thanks for sharing the idea.  Someone else might want to do it now!  
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So i got around around to giving the swingarm bag a go.
Ended up just getting a cheap(ish) 1 from for AUD$100 delivered. Would've liked a La Rosa bag but didn;t want to spend that much in case it didn't work out.
I thought this bag was good as well as it didn't have the usual slits cut into the bag to house the straps. It just had a solid plastic backing.
Think all up ended up costing me about $130.

Pieces i needed were:
Swingarm bag x 1
3mm x 300 x 300mm Aluminium sheet (traced the bag shape on to this then cut to shape)
SS M8 x 50mm button head bolts x 2 (40mm might be better though)
SS M10 x 20mm button head bolts x 4 (only used 3 though)
SS M10 wingnuts
30mm x 16mm nylon rod drilled to accommodate M8 bolt
3/8 wiring grommet x 6
150 x 50mm rubber strip
Long cable tie x 3
10mm drill bit
Something to cut aluminium sheet

I basically mounted it using the 2 M8 threads that would usually be used for the rear pegs but as the missus hates bikes i can't see them being used any time soon [tongue]
1st i traced around the bag on to the aluminium sheet then cut to shape with the angle grinder. Once done used a sander to smooth out the edges and deburr it.
To get a rough idea of placement i then taped the bag on to the sheet, put the 2 M8 bolts into the peg holes, got a rough idea where i wanted it, marked the holes then drilled them out.
Once these 2 holes were done i then mounted it on the bike which allowed me to then mark up the holes for where i would cable tie it the the swingarm. I drilled 6 holes about 10mm apart. I was going to use all 6 to cable tie on but realised i probably only needed 2.
Now i had where the mount would rest against the swingarm i got my piece of rubber strip and wrapped it around and cable tied in place.
As i now had the bag mounted and still tape to the aluminium sheet i marked out where i wanted to put my M10 bolts where i could have easy access to them and where they wouldn't hit anything or get in the way.
Now it all came back of the bike and i drilled the M10 bolt holes. Once i had these out i put the aluminium back on the bag and marked the bag to drill out the holes.
Once done it was just a matter of deburring everything and remounting back on to the bike.
Here is what finished (well partially finished) product looks like.
I have to pull it off again this evening to paint it so will take some photos of the backing plate that was made.

indian-scout-swingarm-bag-1.jpg  indian-scout-swingarm-bag-2.jpg  indian-scout-swingarm-bag-3.jpg 
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A few photos of the bracket i made up for the bag.
Not my best work but only took maybe an hour in between machining some rims on a CNC lathe.

indian-scout-swingarm-bag-mount-1.jpg  indian-scout-swingarm-bag-mount-2.jpg  indian-scout-swingarm-bag-mount-3.jpg 
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great work,,,
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