Hello comrades... I know there are concerns out there regarding events being cancelled.. even Disney has shut its doors along with countries. WOW THIS IS NEW FOR THE WORLD INDEED.
here is where this date in may stands.
  1. Remember as Ive always stated this is not a bike festival/biker event.. so it doesnt really sit inside what an event so to speak looks like. The date wont be cancelled by me the producer.. I will still be there at the Demo Club on Friday and at Silverton on Saturday, at the times stated. Regardless
  2. It is up to you as an individual whether you want to still ride out etc. That's your call.. if you decide you cant attend or feel it's a risk that is your call. I can send you the packs as they have been purchased by you and I have them.. remember there are no refunds offered.. as the money has been committed with many expenses paid by me already.
  3. Should the Australian governemnt decide to force events to be cancelled.. then nothing really changes for us.. as mentioned this is not a bike festival etc.. It's individuals deciding to go for a ride and join a parade if they want. It will always be your call. the day is the same for me and my mates.. we will still be there.
  4. We are 2 months away.. this thing may get worse before it gets better. something will be sorted soon, as with whats happening now cant continue and will come to a head... I believe we will be fine.
I understand the dynamics change everyday... so this is the latest and all we can do at this stage. between now and then is practice hygeine and all the things we know we should do.
the worst case scenario will be the date gets postponed... but that would be a huge deal to do and maybe impossible.
as always Im happy to chat with anyone who has further concerns.. lets keep positive and healthy and CUN SILVO if you happen to be riding that way in May xx
Cheers all and thanks for your understanding and patience. There are many many far worse off at the moment... so thoughts with those people at the moment xx
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How can we miss something like this? 🙂

Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
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