Hey all.  Picked up my 2018 Indian Scout a week ago, and am loving it.  Windy Wellington might make me reconsider not getting the windscreen though.  😋

Got touring pillion seat with sissy bar.  Nice brown leather looks great on the willow green and ivory cream.

Looking forward to getting to know you all.  🙂
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Sean Judd
Welcome to the tribe mate.

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Welcome Tallackn to our forum.
Let's be kind to one another.
Melbourne, Victoria
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Welcome tallackn and enjoy the ride...
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Hi Tallackn
Welcome to the forum, I see you have already chimed in to some posts, good to see.
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Hi Tallackn, welcome to the forum.

I guess windy means NZ Wellington, not our Oz one. Don't go too fast into getting the OEM windshield. Most people who have it find the buffeting to be very uncomfortable. There are better aftermarket options out there.

Enjoy the Scout. The Willow and Cream combo is a beautiful look.
Cheers, Kim.

From Woodrising (no, nobody else has heard of it either)
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Welcome T

2 Wellington’s I know about in Oz Dr. western NSW, and S.A on the lower Murray.

2017 Thunder Black Scout.
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This one is the NZ capital.  I should have qualified that with the Windy Wellington Scout instead.  😉
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Thunder Scout
Welcome, from across the ditch
South Eastern Melbourne
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Welcome Tallakn or is that Kia Ora?  Enjoy the Scout, they are great little beasties!
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