Hi there... Hope everyone is well and keeping a chin up during this crappy time. I do feel we are nearing the end of it with some light at the end of the tunnel. Although a new normal approaches.

Just a quick couple of things.

Of the 331 registered riders and apart from the small few who are seeking a refund. Im just checking that your packs have arrived. I need to now move onto the next component of this operation. PLEASE EMAIL ME BACK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR PACK . Otherwise no need to reply to this

As mentioned, I’m developing a new special patch that will ONLY be given to those that registered. They will not be available to anyone else. Registered riders can grab an extra one for their partner if I have any left.. given I probably have to order in units of 100..I’ll let you know. Those that bought a partner pack will also receive one.

The process for getting the patch will be a number of ways.

1)      I’ll be at a number of bike related events and will have them with me if you are there too. I’ll post those that Im going to on social media etc.

2)      My planned ride to Silvo for Sat 17 October is looking good as things keep improving and I’ll have them with me there.

3)      OR you send me a self-stamped address envelop and I will send one back to you. If that is your choice the address is 31 View Street Lawson NSW 2783.  No hurry as they are not made yet and I will do a reminder email when I have them all done. I’m aiming to have them by the October ride out

Some exciting Indian exclusive events coming up:  There are a few folk who are working on a couple of Indian related events. One is a relay around Australia, headed up by Sean Judd, who has a logistical challenge on his hands, but a terrific idea that I’ll be a part of for sure... Details are being worked on and if you are not on the Facebook site for the Indian IMR Australia, then suggest you pop on as that’s where the info will be posted ( for both events) . Indian Motorcycle Riders ( IMR) Australia :

Also Allan Turner who produces the Revving the River event has confirmed an Indian Muster event for April 16,17,18 2021 at Beechworth Vic. Details of his event also will also go up on Facebook. Here is the link to that event for registrations etc. Zaidees Indian Motorcycle National Muster 2021

The next record attempt: that is still being worked on by the IMR group who will take on this project and I will help. There are some exciting ideas being tabled. This event will more than likely be early 2022 as with the record now much higher, may give us a shot at really breaking that with a bit more time and more Indian riders in Australia !. You as an original registered rider will receive a discount into that event.

Thank you all once again and I really look forward to eventually meeting everyone as soon as possible.

Take care

CK xxx

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Looks like a great idea to have it at beechworth, keep us posted, oh and I don’t have Facebook.
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HI there... The Beechworth event is not my event nor a replacement for the Rally event ... that will probably be now early 2022 .. the Zaidees Indian Muster event next April in Beechworth is being run by Allan Turner.. here is a website with details.. I'll be there for sure  will be a great weekend. Cheers  ck
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