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Installation Video:

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Hey Rusty , it looks like it sticks out but not as far as the bars and mirrors plus on the upside it spring loaded so it will just fold back if it contacts something 😁
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Hi peeps , just an update . 7mths or so since I changed out the standard euro type plate holder and still no probs from the po po . Seems to be fine and legal . 
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That’s good to hear. My factory “fender eliminator” got a good eyeball when I got pulled over a few months back for filtering incorrectly. I told them it came from the sales floor as a demo as it sat, both bike cops and one had Indians so he said he’d call the showroom. The next week I did see some stick on red reflectors on the plastic plate surround so I copied it just in case! 
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I’ve had my side plates on for a few months now. No issues with the guys in blue. Have had no problems with lane splitting either as it’s still within the handlebars width and your leg. The plate has a spring mechanism that will allow it to move if accidentally hit as well. 
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