We rode to Timber Creek on the weekend for a overnight stay at the pub. A fantastic ride following the escarpment westward towards the WA border. It is a magnificient experience. e stopped at the Victoria River pub to water ourselves with bourbon and premium for the RM. The top up was dangerous as it went down too well so we hit the road again and it was middle of the afternoon so refreshments are welcomed. The boat ramp to Victoria river has cliffs on both sides, I wish the RM had a dinghy on the back ha ha, except for the big lizards floating around wanting to play. 
We continued on to Timber Creek admiring the wonderful escarpments and winding road that is set up for 130 - 150kmh, wicked fun.The pub was brilliant securing our bike around the back and provided us with a clean comfortable room.
There was a Camp Draught going on in town so locals all around gathered to enjoy the fun, we had a great time but could not stay all day as we had to get back home before dark when all the obsticals ( roos, pigs, buffallo, donkeys and brumbies) decide to gather on the road and spoil our day. This is a great overnight run as it is not too long being 600km each way so a great weekend run.
Next Dry season we are going to do a 4 day trip to Broome and back, must leave earlier as it is a 900km per day trip, fun fun fun😁 Another great excuse to wet the lips with a frothy handle
We are here for a good time not a long time, so ride until you can not no more
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Great road do they still serve the steaks that overhang either end of the plate at Timber Creek? Great steak but we joked it was probably road kill. 😂🤣😂🤣
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yes the feed is awesome and a fresh roadkill is the only way to go. The schnitzels are fantastic also with home made gravy 
We are here for a good time not a long time, so ride until you can not no more
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Amazing trip.  I am more than a little envious . . .  

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