It was pretty horrible weather in Melbourne today but I decided I needed some supplies and went for a quick ride to Woodend. The ride up was reasonable until there was a downpour between Romsey and Woodend. So hard in fact, I had to put the visor fully up on the Roadmaster to be able to see the road. Hell it's a great bike for those type of conditions.
Anyhow, the weather was clear while I filled up the bike with goodies and my stomach with food, but as I headed back home the skys opened again.
I managed to stay dry by sitting on about 115 kms/hr on the freeway as anything slower seemed to be wetter.
They are a remarkable stable bike in these types of conditions. I arrived home completely dry and glad I went out for a spin even in the terrible weather.
Stay upright everyone!
St. Kilda  Victoria
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I am hanging out for a ride also... good for you for getting out there.
Let's be kind to one another.
Melbourne, Victoria
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