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how you going , I would like to show you this custom bobber dark horse, and I think is extremely beautiful.

what you think?
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I don't mind it but it needs pegs not boards.

Also, for future reference, this doesn't need a whole new thread. Post here:
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I think they put in some serious money on this bike.  Details like exposed rear spring is a nice touch.  If it was my bike, I would go for a bigger headlight.  It just looks like it has a small 'head'.

This thing is going to be crazy loud!!  You can just see the pipe.  Presumably Y shaped.

Pegs would be cool too.  
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Very nice as it is and would be interesting to see it with the actual darkhorse light set up as well[thumb]
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company that customises them does some other pretty special stuff.

  20617125_1397882970308677_3040110896041433799_o.jpg  20708044_1404268286336812_4635002572118062847_n.jpg  20914298_10155642845094269_5251392476156679329_n.jpg 
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Sorry but it's more like a DH mess, and if it was marketed as an Indian DH bobber then I would most likely vomit in my full face helmet just my opinion and not my thing at all.
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