deltek mini bike my mates about 1969 lawnmower motor in a frame we thought is was great
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My first bike I rode and owned was in 1974 and it was a second hand 1972 Yamaha DS7 250 cc (small brother to the Yamaha RD 250 cc).

Cheers Kym - Sydney - NSW
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BSA B33 500cc single, a mate’s bike. My 1st bike 1953 Triumph T00 500cc.
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Same as Riverslate a Deltek mini bike. I was hooked 😁
First bike was a Honda 50 cub.
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BSA Bantam
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This picture is similar to my first bike, a 1970 Yamaha YS180 Sport. Bought when I was 15, transmission problems not staying in gear made it a cheap purchase. I repaired it, put a ton of miles on it and most of them were in the woods paths chasing my buddies on their dual purpose bikes. It never got left behind and I had great fun on that thing! Moved up to a BSA B31 when I was 17.
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The first bike I rode was my brother's Honda 90 Sport. He bought it new in 1964 or 65.
My first bike was a 1960 BSA Bantam that I bought in 1966 as soon as I had my license.

Honda 90 Sport.jpg 

BSA Bantam.jpg 

Cheers, Kim.

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First bike I rode was a Yamaha YZ80G around 1980.
The first bike I owned was a 1980 Harley  FLT Shovelhead in 1989. In fact it was  the first vehicle licensed in my name, I still own it.
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Yamaha RD350 for me.  2 stroke with no badges on it.  Looked almost the same as the 250, Cops never noticed the difference, I did though (that thing could do 100mph, mind you, left a cloud of smoke behind it! ðŸ˜‹ 😉.
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I think it was a Honda CB 70 or 80 back when I was about 15 or 16 years of age. It was up on a farm and I ran into a cow. 
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It was a mates mini trail around 1976. I’m not sure what year the bike was. 
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Same was the Deltek mini bike for me. Must have been about 10 years old and thought I was king of the world. Progressed to the TY80 Yamaha and got right into the trials riding, never looked back.
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Suzuki 90 'Ag' bike in mid '60s.  Had high and low ratio, 50 miles per hour flatout and screaming  (the bike and me).
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A Honda Z50 mini bike ðŸ˜
Cheers, Peter

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One of those victa engined minis . Heap of doodoo . .

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Mine was a Yamaha virago 250 I was about 57 years old
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A mate's 1930 500cc side valve Royal Enfield paddock basher in 1965. Progressed to a brand new YDS3 250cc Yamaha as my first Bike. Bought it on 14th Feb 1966, on L plates, for $553.00 brand new. Attached Pic is exactly the same as my new bike was. Traded it 12 months later on a new 1967 R60 BMW ($1150.00) from Tom Byrne Motorcycles in Sydney.
1966 yds3 Yamaha.jpg  .
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Lindyloo wrote:
Mine was a Yamaha virago 250 I was about 57 years old

You're not in your 50s are you Lindyloo? ðŸ˜
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Sure am big tone 
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Honda XR75 and then first road bike was a Suzuki GT125
Melbourne - Victoria
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Deltec Rock Hopper, then an MR50 Honda and then I got my 73 model TM75 which I still have to this day...
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Suzuki T250 second hand - had to push it home from the bike shop because I didn't know how to ride it.  Sat it on the centre stand in the back yard to start it and run through the gears.  That was in 1978 I think - it had dodgy electrics so could only be rode during the day (or the headlight would drain the battery - that was when we could turn them off). 
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