hi guys don’t know if this has been asked before but what is the maximum tyre size you can fit on the rear of a stock Bobber 
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Pom, maybe check with Kyane(on this forum) he has a thread in this section where he fitted a humongous rear tyre to his bobber.
Go down the posts in this topic & check it out, there are a few good posts with good info on Scout updates/innovations/improvements.
Definately worth the time to go over old posts and have a look.  Ã°Å¸â€˜Â
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Hi all,

I understand that people have fitted the Avon AV 72 180 Tyre on a stock rear of a Bobber. Avon have a new tyre and I'm assuming the Avon Cobra Chrome AV92 180/65-16 81H will also fit but would hugely appreciate confirm from a user or guru. Also confused as to what Avon Chrome would be a like for like replacement for the front as they have these " MT 90 B 16 RF" on their website

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