Your first infringement ticket by the Police - How much and when?

four tickets at once 15 dollars  each 60 dollars lot of money then could not lose licence as was on learners about 1976
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Lane splitting a few months back.  Technically not illegal here in NZ if I pass the vehicle on the right safely and don't drift over into the right hand lane (thus passing that vehicle on the left).  But I was just riding the line, so yeah.

$150 big ones, no points though.

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First motor cycle infringement was quite recent - in a School Zone - ouch!!  The zone was interrupted by traffic lights, which I dutifully stopped at on the red (the least I could do!!).  When they turned to go, I got a small dose of green light fever and took off - forgetting where I was...  

Cost me 4 points and about $375 (I think!).

That was 1.5 years ago, so still another 1.5 years to get it off the record...


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1974 in NSW 70 MPH in a 35 MPH zone whilst on 'L' plates.  $70:00 fine only.

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Riding without a license in 1982 on my brand new RM80Z. The last time I ever pulled over for the cops on my dirt bikes. Catch me if you can. Lol. 
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Oh man!  You're stressing my old brain cells, haven't got a clue... sigh, would've been over 40 years ago!!  Aargh, getting too old!
(either way, I reckon I was probably innocent & just being harassed by the feds! hahaha)
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Damn i must be lucky ,never been caught  ,😁on the bikes ,yet ðŸ˜. Only in car and that was back in 70,s😟👍
Think that may change with the RM ðŸ˜®ðŸ˜
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1990 heading home from Bindoon Rock. Riding out of Class. I was riding my Shovelhead on a 250cc licence. Just a fine, can't remember how much, I was worried I would lose my license.
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twas like 12,
Me Honda xr75 my mate Suzuki tm70 . Local quarry bouts 3/4 klms away was bush tracks dirt roads all the way .
Anyways pulled over by 3 trail bike squad officers at quarry  . Giving a warning , push bikes home . My mate lasted about 500 meters  . Started up took off , I panicked and joined him  . Quickly caught ,  Just a warning from magistrate at children's court .

Not bike related . But that xmas . Mates mum sent us out too get a xmas tree . Mate armed with a  saw led me too local drive in . Guess he wanted a lookout . Well they got him again . haha🙃

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Haven't been done for speeding yet 🤓🤓 was pull up whilst on a ride once, but the cycle cop just wanted to enquire about the bike.😎😎
I have been stopped at service stations when on a pre rally trip , whilst carring 5 vintage Indians on my way to Albury
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Not my first but most memorable as it was my 2nd of 3 in 2 weeks. $60 fine back then about 1978.
On Gt Western Freeway near the end at Penrith. Pulled over by a Station Cop, not Highway Patrol He was doing over 150 ks for about 10kms trying to catch me on my new 1000cc Goldwing. Asked me why I slowed down. He said otherwise he never would have caught me. I told him I came to the end of the expressway.
He booked me for 10Km over the limit. Don't meet 'em like that anymore!!
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